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Exfoliating Bar


Did you know?

Did you know in Hawai’i alone, over 3 million pounds of coffee grounds are unnecessarily filling our landfills? To move one step closer to reducing the footprint of coffee waste, Kope Soap Co. partners with local coffee shops and cafes to upcycle their coffee grounds into artisan crafted soaps and scrubs.

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Kope Exfoliating Scrub


Did you know?

Did you know that dermatologist recommend replacing shower loofahs every 2-4 weeks? Thats because dead skin cells can get embedded and tangled in shower loofahs which can lead to skin irritation and infections as a result of using them. With our Kope Exfoliating Bar, you won't have to re-purchase and replace those dirty loofahs that accumulate bacteria over time in the shower! Our signature Kope Exfoliating Bar soap demonstrates our unique use of coffee grounds as a lather and exfoliating agent perfect for scrubbing dead skin cells off your body.

Hand Made in Hawaii

100% vegan

Locally Sourced

Cruelty Free


Less, But Better

Quality, Luxury, and Sustainability are at the heart of our company. These qualities are reflected in our unique business wherein our main ingredient-expended coffee grounds-is collected from local sources and upcycled into our product, strengthening the chain of sustainability. The quality and luxury is upheld through our method of cold process manufacturing and high quality natural ingredients.

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Natural Ingredients

Diverging from the chemical-heavy cleansers on the market, which leave your skin thirsting for nourishment, Kope Soap’s natural ingredients feature upcycled coffee grounds that act as an organic exfoliant just brimming with benefits.